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Volume 12 The Complete Music for Violin and Pianoforte, including the two pieces for violin and organ and the song with violin obbligato

A 200-page volume of original music by Liszt for violin and piano? It is scarcely credible that such a significant body of work by such a major composer should have remained in total obscurity for so long. In fact, these extraordinary pieces have never before been issued together, and the present publication marks the largest collaborative project ever undertaken by The Liszt Society and The Hardie Press. These works traverse Liszt's whole composing life, encompassing great virtuoso concert pieces and wonderfully intimate miniatures. They show a serious effort to come to grips with what a solo violin might be able to accomplish, and at the same time demonstrate a deep and affecting skill in the art of duo writing.
Critical Notes (10pp); Zwei Walzer, Nrs 1 & 2; *Duo (sur des thèmes polonais); Grand Duo concertant; Rapsodie hongroise XII; Die drei Zigeuner; La notte; Benedictus und Offertorium for violin and pianoforte; Offertorium und Benedictus for violin and organ or harmonium; Epithalam; *Walther von der Vogelweide for tenor and pianoforte with violin obbligato; Première Elégie for violin and pianoforte, with harmonium [or organ] ad lib., *Zweite Elegie for violin and pianoforte, with organ [or harmonium] ad lib.; Romance oubliée; *Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth; La lugubre gondola
(* a first publication or a first complete publication)

Paperback (Full Score 200pp, Violin 64pp, Organ & Harmonium 4 pp)

ISBN: 9780946868339; ISMN 9790708090571


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