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Sonata in G, “In Imitation of Corelli”

Reconstructed orchestral version for strings, optional flutes, oboes and bassoons, one or more keyboard instruments, and optional soloists.
1.Adagio, 2. Allegro, 3. Largo, 4. Allegro
Published 1734. Having studied in London and Italy, McGibbon returned home to Scotland around 1720 and worked in Edinburgh as a violinist, composer and teacher. Although primarily intended for chamber performance, there is much evidence that this sonata was also performed orchestrally. This new edition is a reconstruction of how an 18th-century orchestral performance would have worked.
Duration: 7 minutes
Includes preface and notes on the music.

Full score with separate parts (Primo, Secondo, Viola [editorial], Basso, Continuo [editorial realisation]).

Paperback (16, 4, 4, 4, 4, 8 pp)


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