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Scottish Traditional Music for Guitar in DADGAD and Open G Tunings

This tutorial collection contains 32 tunes - 12 in open G and 20 in DADGAD tuning. The music has been principally selected from 17th Century lute manuscripts, 18th and 19th Century Scottish instrumental collections, the Gaelic tradition and traditional sources. All the music is presented in staff and tablature notation, with fingering indications for both left and right hands. Notes to the tunes provide technical advice and information on the provenance of the material.
The music is prefaced by three sections: Historical Perspective, Beginners' Guide and Technical Guide. These sections address such issues as standard versus altered tunings, buying a guitar, tuning the instrument, basic technique and co-ordinating the hands, musical notation, ligados, scales and modes, ornamentation and right-handed fingering.
This volume, with its exploration of string tunings uniquely appropriate for the Scottish tradition, will present guitarists everywhere with new opportunities and repertoire.

Paperback (68 pp)

ISBN: 9780946868230 ; ISMN 9790708090670


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