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Scots Cello Book 2

24 graded Scots tunes for 1 and 2 cellos; Grade 5-8. The music uses techniques practised in Book 1, such as positions 1-4 and octave harmonics, but now with the addition of tenor and treble clefs, chords and the use of the thumb. Although the playing of Scots tunes on the violoncello began in the early 18th century, as far as is known, this (together with Scots Cello Book 1) is the first collection of Scots tunes for cello ever to be published. Includes a Christmas carol (“Tàladh Chriosta”), waltzes (“The miles to Dundee”), “The Skye boat song”, “Niel Gow’s lament for the death of his second wife” and tunes to words by Burns (“Up wi’ the carles of Dysart” and “Ye banks and braes”). Also includes recommended suites or sets for performance purposes.
Includes notes on the music.

Paperback (32 pp)


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