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Fiddle Pibroch and Other Fancies - 18th Century Scottish Violin Music

Edna Arthur (violin), David Johnson (cello), Bryce Gould (harpsichord)
Presenting material from a time when ‘folk’ and ‘classical’ music in Scotland had not yet become entirely separate categories; the same players and audiences tended to enjoy both. This cassette includes 3 jigs, 2 pibroch (“Mackintosh’s Lament” and “Lament for the Bishop of Argyll”), sonatas by William McGibbon, General John Reid and Charles McLean; 4 pieces from the Brown fiddle MS and 3 extended fiddle settings of Scots tunes (including Variations on “The Lea Rig”) using the scordatura AEAE. Cassette. Produced by Scotland’s Cultural Heritage.


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