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Alastair Hardie’s Compliments to ‘The King’ - The Violin Music of James Scott Skinner with Piano Accompaniment

Thirty-three famous tunes for violin, arranged in sets, composed or played by The Strathspey King, James Scott Skinner (1843-1927) as he performed in Scotland, England and America and also found in his recordings and publications. William (Bill) Hardie described Skinner’s style as characterised by “the fire and force in the marches and strathspeys, exhilaratingly fast reel playing and the poetic sensitivity of the slow airs”. They are here united with piano accompaniments, many authorised by the composer, with other accompaniments especially composed and arranged for the collection, designed to bring out the harmonic and chromatic richness of Skinner’s style without ever dominating or outshining the pre-eminent writing for the violin. Alastair Hardie’s forbears were closely associated with this great fiddler-composer and therefore he has had the music in his head, heart and fingers all his life.

Paperback (Full Score 68pp, Violin Part 28pp pp)

ISBN: 978-0-946868-41-4 ISMN M-708090-08-3


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