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A Sonata of Scots Tunes

String quartet or string ensemble, optional solo vn and vc, hpsd. First published 1740. For this edition the viola part has been reconstructed by the editor. Five popular Scots Airs arranged as a baroque suite. Grade 4, soloists Grade 6. (11 minutes).
1. ‘O Mother what shall I do’ (Largo) 2. ‘Ettrick Banks’ (Adagio) 3. ‘She rose and let me in’ (Andante) 4.‘Cromlet’s Lilt’ (Largo) 5. ‘Polwart on the Green’ (Andante).
James Oswald was born in Crail, Fife, and was 18th century Scotland’s most prolific and successful composer. After some years in Edinburgh he settled in London (1741 – c.1763) pursuing a career as composer, cellist, teacher and publisher. In later life he was chamber-composer to George III. Two of his most notable works are the ‘Airs for the Seasons’ (1755-61), a set of 96 short sonatas and ‘The Caledonian Pocket Companion’, a collection of Scottish melodies in 12 books.

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