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12 Preludes & Fugues for piano

Completed in 1995, the composer describes the work as being suitable for a grade 8 standard pianist, but not as a virtuoso work. In Prelude 2 (and in most of the movements thereafter), he borrows and uses the four-note motif (BHEA) of Aberdeen composer Shaun Dillon derived from the Gaelic word beatha, meaning life, welcome, livelihood, food – a positive concept to do with day-to-day survival. Johnson is aware of the distinguished antecedents in the work of Bach, Shostakovich and Hindemith, but the character and individuality of the musical language shines through in this major work. The composer writes: “The work is designed so that each prelude and fugue can be performed separately. When performed as an entity, however, it should be allowed a concert to itself; the movements should be played in the given order; and an interval of 10-15 minutes should be inserted between Fugue 6 and Prelude 7.”
David Johnson was born in Edinburgh and worked as a composer, journalist, school teacher, university lecturer and musicologist.
Duration: c. 65 minutes
Includes a programme note and composer’s note.

Paperback (110 pp)


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